Owner: Tim Sweigert
Location: Newton, Kansas
Building Manufacturer: Butler®

Description: This 100' wide x 228' long building was designed for a warehouse in one end and office space in the other. Approximately 11,000 square feet of the first and second stories are used for offices, a reception area, a break room, a workout room and conference rooms. This building features Butler's exclusive Shadowall Wall System and an MR-24® Roof System.

Testimonial: "I enjoyed right from the planning phase that Stan listened to my needs and offered suggestions that worked out better than I originally planned. Stan was gracious in steering me in a better direction. The crew was very helpful. I thought the workmanship was great. When a couple of issues needed to be fixed I got prompt service. I didn't worry about any part of the construction process. They took care of it and they did a great job."

- Tim Sweigart