Owner: Todd Zimmerman
Location: Sterling, Kansas
Building Manufacturer: Butler®

Building Description: This 100' wide x 150' long building features the Buterib® II Wall System and the Butlerib® II Roof System. The customer hung a sliding partition to divide the interior space between storage for equipment and a shop. There are three 23'6" x 17' overhead doors, two of which are directly across from each other for drive-through convenience. A 40’ long trench drain was installed in the floor between the two drive-through doors to allow the floor to drain after vehicles are worked on or wet equipment is parked. The front endwall contains a 39'6" x 17' Schweiss hydraulic door.

Testimonial: "Richardson Brothers built a building for my father thirty-some years ago. When I needed a bigger building I looked at the original Butler building, which is still in really good shape, and I called Richardson Brothers. This is a great building from a company with a good reputation. I'll tell my son to call Richardson Brothers again in 30 years when he needs a bigger building."

- Todd Zimmerman