Owner: Keith & Shawn Kincaid
Location: Haven, Kansas
Building Manufacturer: Butler®

Building Description: This 80' wide x 150' long building was designed to be divided in half to provide a shop area on one end and equipment storage on the other. Its features include the Buterib® II Wall System and the Butlerib® II Roof System. One endwall contains a 30' x 17' overhead door. A 40' x 17' hydraulic door is in the other endwall. The sidewall features another overhead door, 23'6" wide. These doors allow farm equipment to be driven through without having to back out or turn around.

Testimonial: "A Butler building is not the cheapest, but it's the best. It's a great quality product and well worth the money. We looked at buying a building out of the High Plains Journal or from a place in Nebraska. They couldn't even show us what a finished building would look like. Stan took us to a couple of buildings he had just completed and we really liked them. We put so much money into our equipment so we want to protect everything. Recently one night we had just finished cutting when a sudden storm came up. We just opened the door of our building and drove right in. The next day we drove our combine right back out. And I've heard from a lot of my neighbors about how nice the building looks. The thing I like best is that it's a turn-key project where I got the building bought and built - from start to finish - from the same company. They managed it all and I didn't worry about anything. They are great people to work with."

- Keith Kincaid